SNG Non-Permanent Exposition

from January 17, 2014
Curators: Katarína Chmelinová & Dušan Buran

During the reconstruction of the Slovak National Gallery building in Bratislava, the temporary exposition of the SNG’s historical collections (Gothic & Baroque) will provide visitors with access to the most important artifacts of the art of the 14th-18th centuries.

The intent of this permanent/non-permanent exposition is to offer an untraditional view of works of art that are frequently presented chronologically; in this case, the curators have chosen an approach that differs from linear, stylistic or art-geographical classifications.

The exhibition is divided into six sections, each of which views sculptures and paintings from the SNG collections from a different perspective. The first of them (following the impressive introductory installation of the “character heads” of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt) is entitled “psychology, expression and pain”; the second will be dedicated to a contrasting topic: “type & individual.”

The exposition continues with the sections entitled “space & illusion” and “light.” “Body & gesture” and “life & death” are the themes of the final sections. The architectural concept of the exhibition will also allow a sufficient number of temporary interventions (contemporary art, restoration documentation, stable exhibition boxes for mini-collections, etc.).

Although in a majority of cases this pertains to works of art motivated by religion that are appropriate in terms of the period and profile of the collection, neither their iconography (relatively stereotyped) nor issues of dating and style will be the main message. On the contrary, issues concerning function, artistic intent and experimentation will be the subject of much greater attention in each of the sections.

The 80-page exhibition guide will feature color reproductions of most of the exhibited works accompanied by narrative texts explaining the intentions of the individual sections illustrated by specific works.