„The Sideways installation poses questions and searches for answers in realms of non-architecture. Fulfilling human needs is everyone‘s interest, regardless of his/her social and economic status. Is it possible to gain access to more actual and authentic information on our individual habits, desires, expectations and abilities by analyzing our needs? Where can architects learn more and how can they react better to our rapidly changing world?” zerozero untd.
Sideways project invites visitors of Czech and Slovak pavilion to both test and taste architecture and food. Pavilion is “ filled up” with identical frigidaires hiding some “chilled” secrets. Are frigidaires archetypes of safe food sorting, storing and cooling? Are they easy means of tasting “chilled” goods in the very midst of our home and public spaces? Don’t they also work as spatial “taste pores”, “sort de-generators” and “storage risk” devices of their own kind? Frigidaires installed in the pavilion carry records of socio-urban research mapping the frigidaires and its users’ interactions while they inhabit various apartments and houses in Slovakia. Questionnaires “filled up” by inhabitants - xxx users pose various questions. Is any frigidaires just an frigidaires of uniformity and globalization or uniqueness and localization? Isn’t it also our perception, experience and enjoyment that “cools” or “melts”? What if it works as a risky “de-generator” of hybrid non-architectural actions, events and situations, too? Visitors are welcome to open any frigidaires placed in pavilion and test/taste its insides as well as sideways of pavilion space questioning our seemingly evident understanding of what is (and what might be) an architecture beyond building today. Test it and taste it, please!

Authors of the project: zerozero untd., Prešov, SK

Born 1977 in Žilina, Slovakia; freelance graphic designer, teaches at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, SK

Born 1969 inTbilisi,Georgia; architect, works in architectural studio zerozero and teaches at Department of Arts at Polytechnics in Košice, SK

Born 1978 in Prešov, Slovakia; architect, works in architectural studio zerozero, SK

Born 1981in Prešov, Slovakia; architect, works in architectural studio zerozero, SK

Born 1981 in Prešov, Slovakia; architect, works in architectural studio zerozero, SK