The most significant aquisitions of the Collection of Gothic Art (selection)

Tabernacle Altar from Vojniany, Spiš Region, middle of the 13th century – P 131-134

Madonna of Ruskinovce, Spiš Region/Lesser Poland, after 1300 – P 1700

St. Helena of Trnava, Bratislava / Vienna or Trnava, ca. 1400 (long-term loan from the Church of St. Helena in Trnava)

Triptych of Strážky, Spiš Region / Lesser Poland, after the middle of the 15th century – O 1590-1592

Nativity of “Hlohovec” (originally from St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava), Bratislava / Vienna, ca. 1480 – P 53

Master Martin: Madonna on the Throne between St. Catharine and St. Elizabeth (panel from Jánovce), Spiš Region, 1497 – O 1594

Panels of the Madonna Altar from Spišské Podhradie, Spiš Region, 1593 – 1594 (O 1029-1032 – long-term loan from the Spiš Diocese)

Virgin Mary from the Annunciation Group from Veľký Biel, Bratislava / Vienna, ca. 1480 (long-term loan from the Church of Elevation of the Holy Cross in Veľký Biel)

Stone reliefs from the former pulpit of the Church of the Holy Cross in Kežmarok (St. Helena and St. Augustine, St. Gregory, St. Hieronymus, St. Ambrose), Kežmarok, before 1500 – P 2703-2706

Master Pavol of Levoča (workshop): St. Andrew of Strážky, Spiš Region, 1524 – P 138

Epitaph of Imrich Czobor of Skalica, Western Slovakia (?), around 1520 – O 385