The most significant acquisitions of the 19th Century Art Collection (selection)

Collection of the works of Ladislav Mednyánszky at the Chateau in Strážky within the framework of the SNG’s acquisition of the premises in 1972.

Compilation of the works of Mednyánszky (67 oil paintings and 16 drawings) in 2000.

V. Klimkovics: Csárda Ruins, ca. 1860, oil, cardboard, 41.6 x 52.2 cm – O 6810

J. B. Klemens: Portrait of a Man, 1844, oil, canvas, 70 x 54 cm – O 6832

C. Kutlík: Saint Gerazim, ca. 1896, oil, canvas, 90 x 70.5 cm – O 6934