Marketing and Programming Department

The Marketing and Programming Department is incorporated in the Section of Marketing and Public Relations. Its main activities include strategic and operative planning and communication with the professional and general public directly or through the media. The aim is to inform the general public, to invite them to events organized by the gallery, i.e., exhibition projects, accompanying programmes and other SNG events.

This department carries out promotional campaigns (outdoor, print, and electronic) and PR campaigns which it subsequently evaluates and monitors. It ensures the promotion of SNG activities at the gallery websites (, actively builds online marketing, and communicates on Facebook, where the gallery has created a strong fan base. It also communicates partners and potential sponsors and companies and prepares projects and bonus packages for donors. The effort of this department is to enrich the methods of promotion of the SNG. In addition to the regular publishing of bulletins and fliers about the gallery programme, this department is also in charge of brand support and the merchandising of gallery projects through various sale products. Individually aimed promotion at events of other galleries and museums and cultural festivals is one of the activities; it pertains to the direct building of relations with similarly aimed activities and the related cultural environment. The aim of the department’s work is to increase attendance, but also to monitor and assess the interests and demands of spectators in order to enable the gallery to provide more differentiated and higher comfort for visitors.

This Department is also responsible for creating accompanying events for exhibition openings, exhibitions and non-exhibition activities of the SNG constitute part of its competence. As a rule, the accompanying programmes to the exhibitions and permanent expositions contain the curators’ explanations of certain exhibited works, conferences, individual lectures and cycles of lectures (free and applied art, architecture), discussions and projections. Furthermore, it includes concerts and literary nights thematically related to the exhibition projects. The non-exhibition activities include regular programme cycles organized by the gallery and implemented in cooperation with other cultural institutions (concerts, literary nights and readings at the gallery, film projections and festivals) and individual events organized by other cultural associations and institutions. Through these and other cultural activities, the Marketing and Programming Department strives to address the widest, most differentiated circle of spectators of all age categories.

Head of the department

Hromádková Bohdana, Mgr.

Department Staff


Slovak National Gallery
Marketing and Programming Department
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