Modern and Contemporary Art Collections

The collections of Modern and Contemporary Art are among the most extensive at the Slovak National Gallery. The SNG acquired the first works for these collections almost immediately after its founding in 1948. At that time, it consisted of the work of classical fine art disciplines such as painting, plastic art, graphic art and drawing, which continues to be its foundation while also forming a representative collection of Slovak fine art of the 20th century.

Individual collections map the development of their disciplines, reflect style and opinion lines and record individual artistic acts of the most significant Slovak, European and international artists. The new collections that were created in the following years were a manifestation of corrections in the collection strategy and concept of the SNG, which sensitively reacted to the changing situation in 20th century art. Based on the shifts of traditional media of the art scene, the boundaries of classical disciplines were gradually disturbed and began to mutually overlap. Individual media such as painting and sculpting began to expand not only beyond the boundaries of its own artistic type, but also in space; eventually they also integrated the element of time and motion, by means of which the collection of an inter-media character was formed along with – and as a result of the onset of digital representations – the collection of new media.

Currently, the collection of photography has been allocated to the Collections of Modern and Contemporary Art; previous to this, independent Collections of Architecture, Applied Art and Design were also incorporated in this whole, which arose from a new tendency of the most significant exposition and publication projects of the Slovak National gallery, in which works from all collections appear next to each other.

Chief Curator Modern and Contemporary Art Collections

Gregorová Lucia, Mgr.

Department Staff

Kleinová Viera, Mgr.
Bajcurová Katarína, PhDr., CSc.
Büngerová Vladimíra, Mgr.
Hrabušický Aurel
Almášiová Lucia, Mgr.
Hanáková Petra, Mgr., PhD.
Čierna Katarína, PhDr.
Gavulová Lucia, Mgr.


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Modern and Contemporary Art Collections
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