Section of the Research and Development

The Research and Development Section incorporates the organizational units of the Slovak National Gallery. Its main activities are focused on development, basic and applied research, documenting, etc. The SNG foundation deed also characterizes it as a scientific-research workplace, thus scientific and research activities constitute a prequalification for the majority of exhibition, publication and development projects since the foundation of this institution. The section focuses on the development of the SNG in the area of science and research in the form of acquisitions of archive records, collection items, books and periodicals, and the building, the processing, use and presenting of documentation, archive and library funds and collections from the area of theory and history of fine arts and related disciplines. It participates in the implementing of new information and communication technologies in specialized activities of this institution, in the design of standards for the documentation of cultural heritage in digital processing projects of archive and library funds and in the central register project of art works (CEDVU). The section monitors the possibilities of drawing grants and non-investment and investment projects for the development of activities and the renovation of the SNG premises. It participates in forming the short-term, medium and long-term development strategy of the SNG and setting targets for individual periods. Through its activities, it is instrumental for other sections in forming and implementing activities arising from the main and accompanying activities of the SNG. The section is comprised of the following organizational units: registrar; department of digital collections and services; Fine art Archives of the Slovak National Gallery and Library of the Slovak National Gallery.

Director of the Section

Bohumelová Mária, Mgr.