Department of the Register

The Department of the Registrar is incorporated in the Section of the Research and Development and primarily focuses on the administration of collections, the acquisition agenda and the provision of rights for publishing works of art from SNG collections and archives. The department’s main agenda relates to the administering of loans of works from the SNG collections. The Registrar’s staff is at the beginning of the loan process; they monitor it and provide contractual support for its individual steps: they communicate with the loan curators, restorers and applicants as well as with institutions in the event of the need for export permits, insurance agreements or loan agreements.
This department is in charge of both domestic and foreign loans. In addition to the execution of agreements, it also registers them, files them, monitors the expiration of long-term loans and coordinates their control.

The Department of the Registrar also takes care of the SNG’s acquisition agenda. It administers the entire acquisition process, supervises the summoning of the Commission for the Creation of Collections, the preparation of materials for this Commission and the minutes from its sessions. It also ensures the purchase and sale and licence agreements, allocates acquisition numbers and ensures their entry in the acquisition records. It is also in charge of the preservation of pertinent documents (purchase and sales agreements, donation and licence agreements, inheritance documents and other agenda).

After the acquisition of the works in the SNG collections or archives, this department monitors the process of their second-level registration, forwards the works to the photo-department all the way up to the creation of their registration cards. The Department of the Registrar cooperates in the regular inventory of the collections and registers all of the auditor’s reports.

Department Staff

Horváthová Erika, Bc.
Potúčková Lýdia

Mailing Address and Contact

Slovak National Gallery
Department of the Register
Hurbanove kasárne, Kollárovo nám. 10, Bratislava
tel.: 00-421-2-20 47 61 77