Library of the Slovak National Gallery

The SNG Library is one of the special libraries within the system of Slovak libraries.
It is incorporated in the Science and Research of the SNG.
Its activities are carried out in accordance with Act No. 183/2000 Coll. on Libraries.

The library was established in 1949 and builds a specialized library collection thematically oriented on the theory and history of fine art, architecture and related fields. The collection consists of books, periodicals, microfiche, CD and DVD media and exhibition catalogues, and is the largest of its kind in Slovakia.

The mission of this library is to provide library-information services particularly to professional and scientific employees of artistic and cultural institutions, university and secondary school students with an art-historical or artistic orientation, artists, restorers, and other users according to the possibilities. Thanks to its professional staff, it creates, processes, preserves, provides access to and protects the library fund. As of 31 December 2011, the collection had 101,498 library units.
The entire collection, which was originally processed in card catalogues, is now digitalized and available online in 3 separate sub-catalogues: for books, exhibition catalogues and artists. In 1995, the SNG launched the electronic processing of the collection. Currently (as of 31 December 2011) 18,264 bibliographical recordings and 20,224 authorities recordings are available on the Advanced Rapid Library information system. This electronic (online) version of the catalogue has the function of an internet browser with the option to connect several external sources thus enabling simultaneous searches in several domestic and foreign catalogues. All library processes - cataloguing, IPAC, authorities, loan services, administration of serials and acquisitions, are gradually be computerized.

Head of Library

Šuchová Jana, Mgr. PhD.

Library Staff

Juríková Terézia, Bc.
Gregorovičová Beáta


Slovak National Gallery
Library of the Slovak National Gallery
Hurbanove kasárne, Kollárovo nám. 10, Bratislava
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