Department of Science and Research

The Department of Science and Research is incorporated in the Section of the Research and Development. The deed of foundation also characterizes the SNG as a scientific and research facility, thus, since the foundation of the gallery, scientific and research activities have been one of the requirements for the majority of exhibition and publication projects. Scientific catalogues (Fontes) of collections, exhibition catalogues and books constitute the principal scientific and research projects for the galleries creating collections arising from their orientation on the creation, administration, interpretation and presentation of collection items.

Within the framework of its most significant long-term scientific project entitled The History of Slovak Art, the SNG has prepared individual volumes of publications on historical chapters of art history accompanied by exhibitions (Baroque, 1998; 20th Century, 2000; Gothic, 2003-04; Renaissance, 2009). The aim of this research and at the same time, the exhibition and editorial cycle of the SNG is to provide a coherent overview of art in Slovakia in its individual historical phases and, for the first time to comprehensively evaluate and present the art production of Slovakia from the earliest times up to the present within the framework of the domestic and wider Central European contexts. Research on Roman art and art of the 19th century continues through continuous partial outputs. Restoration research tasks, which are of principal significance for the dating, building and preserving of the collections, constitute an independent field of SNG’s basic research.

The newly established department of science and research has two tasks at present: to coordinate existing research projects (and their publication outputs) and to formulate the SNG’s long-term scientific and research plan in cooperation with its curators. The upcoming aim is to acquire the accreditation of the scientific and research facility. This will broaden the possibilities for dealing with its own grant projects and those involving international cooperation in compliance with the research plan of the gallery. The department’s long-term plan is to build a scientific facility. The upcoming period will demonstrate how the curators profile their scientific and research projects and whether the gallery will continue as a research institution or more as an appraisal institution.

Department Staff

Matuchovičová Kristína, Mgr.
Kratochvílová Luďka, Mgr.


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