Gothic Art

Concept: Dušan Buran

The SNG also presents the core of the Central European collection of Gothic art within the framework of the exposition the Collections of European Painting at Zvolen Castle. This collection, which is subordinated to the Gothic Art Collection, is relatively small and only occasionally enriched by new acquisitions (most recently by a late-Roman Madonna from Southern Germany). Its collection lies in following the parallel functional, stylistic or iconographic phenomena in the art of regions, art-historically related to the culture of medieval Slovakia. The collection occasionally has at its disposal the work of Italian or Spanish artists which are represented to a lesser extent in the exposition of European a
Art at Zvolen Castle.

The Altar of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary – from Carinthia from the beginning of the 16th century, is one of the most significant artefacts of the “Gothic” hall. In addition, we present several panel paintings oriented on the Danube region, such as the extremely high quality painting of Carrying of the Cross / Discovery of the Grave of St. Stephen the First Martyr by Master Historiae Friderici et Maximiliani (around 1520) or smaller panel paintings inspired by graphic models of Albrecht Dürer. The exposition is complemented by several sculptures of Slovak origin from the same period; particularly the Statuary of St. Sophie with Three Daughters (end of the 15th century) and The Coronation of the Virgin Mary from an unknown location (probably the Spiš region) (around 1500).