Hunters in Paradise

January 12, 2012 - February 29, 2012
Esterházy Palace, Basement

Curators: Eike Berg, Daniel Grúň, Ivana Moncoľová

This exhibition profiles the five-year existence of the Department of Intermedia and Multimedia Art and its current students, as well as its graduates and doctoral students. During its short existence, the Department has built the permanent interest of students and the specific technological and art community with characteristic interest in new media. The exhibition is similarly outlined, where curators Eike Berg (HUN/DE), Daniel Grúň (SK) and Ivana Moncoľová (SK) selected a profile of the best of the studio work in the media of video, installation and objects. It is divided into the following four sections: Need to Document, More Real than Reality, Thrilling Subjectivity, and Bizarre Heroism.

The idea of the exhibition Hunters in Paradise is based on the principle of discovering reality or creating a new reality in work with new technologies, film, music, camera and thoughts just as it is discovered and created by the students and mature young Slovak artists who have passed through this studio.

The Department of Intermedia and Multimedia Art is the youngest department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. It originated in response to new art trends of the recent decades and the demand for a program of studies within whose framework students systematically work with new media and the conceptual interlinking of several media (photography, video, computer animation, interactive installation, objects, performance, drawing, sculpture, etc.). It represents a broad field of possibilities and instruments for creating techniques and work reflecting current themes and issues. The aim of the technical courses is to provide graduates with theoretical knowledge and practical skills (camera, editing, programing, interactivity, sound work) to enable them to implement art projects independently and apply them in their future work.
Training takes place in three studios – the Studio of Spatial Communications +, IN Studio and the Studio of Video and Multimedia Production, under the program orientation of a specific pedagogue.

The Department of Intermedia and Multimedia Art of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design is comprised of three studios: "IN" Studio (doc. akad. mal. Ilona Németh, DLA), Studio of Spatial Communications + (doc. Mgr. Anton Čierny, extraordinary prof.), Studio and Studio of Video and Multimedia Production (doc. akad. soch. Anna Daučíková). extraordinary professor Doc. Mgr. Anton Čierny is the head of this Department.

Exhibiting: Radovan Čerevka, Dávid Demjanovič, Eja Devečková, Veronika Hliničanová, Ľudmila Horňáková, Zuzana Janečková, Jana Kapelová, Tomáš Klima, Lenka Klimešová, Miro Kohút, Daniela Krajčová, Magdaléna Kuchtová, Tomáš Šoltýs, Matej Vakula, Martin Vongrej.