120th Anniversary Of The Foundation Of Glassworks In Lednické Rovne
March 23rd – May 20th 2012
Curators: Dagmar Poláčková, Vladimíra Büngerová
Exhibition was prepared with co-operation of the RONA, a.s.

Production of the glassworks in Lednické Rovne (today called RONA) is rich not only in its long tradition, but also in quality and distinctive designer value. Ever since its establishment, the glassworks focused on producing the so-called stemware, i.e. beverage glasses and other decorative products. This year, the company celebrates its 120th anniversary. On this occasion, our exposition chronicles and evaluates more than one hundred years of domestic glass and design production. By means of selecting from the collections of Slovak galleries and museums, the exposition will present the glasswork’s most significant periods and designers. Being one of the few glassworks in Slovakia to do so, the company put its trust in cooperation with visual artists (Karol Hološko, Jaroslav Taraba, Dagmar Kudrová, Ladislav Pagáč, Jozef Kolembus, Patrik Illo, Peter Šipoš, and others), who have contributed greatly to the development and fame of glass products from Lednické Rovne. Alongside with machine production, throughout its history the glassworks focused on hand-crafted glass, too. The company earned recognition and respect also thanks to its continued development of production technology, modelling and decorating glass. Numerous awards from domestic and international expositions bear witness to this quality and prove that the decision to closely cooperate with visual artists was the right way. The exhibition in our gallery is already the third of its kind in the glasswork’s history. SNG’s collection of applied arts and design includes many glass objects produced prior to the origin of the LR brand. The exhibition will be prepared in co-operation with RONA’s management and the Slovak Glass Museum in Lednické Rovne.