The New Slovakia audio tour comprising of three sound recordings for selected artworks has been created by Jonathan Prior, an academic researcher and sound artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For this audio tour, sounds have been recorded along a stretch of the Danube River between the old and new bridges of Bratislava. A variety of microphones have been used, including underwater and contact microphones, so that the river can be listened to in different ways. The descriptive text material was recorded in the Slovak National Gallery in front of each image; the Slovak version with Aurel Hrabušický, head curator of photography, and the English version with Lucia Almášiová, assistant curator of photography. Production of the audio-tour was initiated and facilitated by Department of digital collections and services. To hear more of Jonathan Prior work, please visit

You can listen to the audio tour while visiting the exhibition on headphones installed under the artworks. You can also download the sound files into your own mp3 player or mobile phone before visitning and listen to them while going through the exhibition.

Audio Record No. 1

Audio Record No. 2

Audo Record No. 3