Light on the Edge. Modernism and Late Modernism. Architecture in Photography

November 7, 2014 - February 15, 2015
Esterhazy palace, 3rd floor
Curators: Lucia Almášiová, Viera Dlháňová

Modern architecture in Czechoslovakia (like everywhere else in the world) has gone through various phases of development through Purism, Constructivism, Functionalism, Brussels style, international style, sculptural architecture, technical architecture up to late Modernism / neo-Modernism. It was a rewarding and inspirational source of motifs for photography and affected the development of its means of expression; on the contrary, the photography of architecture was a method for documenting, promoting and popularizing. A mutually beneficial relationship was created between both disciplines, although from the very beginning architecture almost always had the upper hand.

This exhibition will present the modern photography of modern architecture from 1920 to 1985. It will focus on the works of Slovak architects and others in Slovakia and their appearance in the original works of Czech and Slovak photographers and photographic studios and their reflection in professional journals and books. The theoretical and critical reflection of the relationship between architecture and photography (or rather its absence) in period texts and the results of direct cooperation between the architect and the photographer in the visual recording of architecture represents an interesting topic for discussion.