The Design collection was founded in 1961 by the first acquisitions which pertained to the cutlery sets designed by Ján Čalovka in Sandrik; the famous “Brussels” cutlery from 1958 also found its way into the collection. The cutlery collection was later complemented by sets by Marián Drugda and Ladislav Greppel. However the Design Collection was built sporadically and through accidental purchases. This was also demonstrated in its profiling. The design collection is fragmented and inconsistent. The field of textile design is reduced to the designs of film-print decorative textiles by Slávka Pecháčková, designs for decorative and upholstering fabrics by Viktor Holešťák-Holubár, place settings by Júlia Kunovská and fashion designs by Vlasta Hegerová from the 1960s. It is complemented by implemented designs of clothing by Marta Bošelová, Michaela Trizuljaková-Klimanová, Karol Pichler and the prototypes of designs for footwear by Ján Čalovka. Interior design is particularly represented by Lighting by Peter Lehocký, Michal Gavula, Peter Humaj, as well as the “granny’s lamp by Sylvia Jokelová. The collection of furniture design is not extensive. It contains several implementations by František Jirák, Michal Ondruška, Júlia Kunovská and a relatively precious set of interior solutions by V. Holešťák-Holubár.

Curator of the Design Collection: Viera Kleinová

The most significant acquisitions of the Design Collection (selection)

Ján Čalovka: Cutlery (Brussels), 1958, stainless steel, 16-19 cm
UP T 6

Peter Lehocký: Lighting, 1979, glass, metal, v. 230 cm
UP T 271

Michal Gavula: Lighting, 1978, glass, metal, 43 x 22 cm
UP T 278

Slávka Pecháčková: Decorative Fabric, 1968, cotton, film-print, 120 x 210 cm
UP I 60

Júlia Kunovská: Box Programme (Furniture Set), 1980, oak wood, glass, 120 x 40 x 40 and 120 x 80 cm
UP I 164 – 171

Vlasta Hegerová: Fashion Design, 1967, paper, drawing by felt-tip pen and Indian ink, 30 x 21 cm
UP O 19

Sylvia Jokelová: Lamp (Hobby collection by F. H.), 2006, plastic, embroidery cotton, 30 x 20 x 20 cm
UP-DK 3819

The most significant exhibitions of the Design Collection (selection)

Ján Čalovka
Curator: A. Osmitzová
Bratislava, SNG, 28 August – 7 October 1979

Dizajn okolo nás / Design Around Us
Curator: A. Osmitzová
Bratislava, SNG, 22 April – 7 July 1980

Človek – prostredie – dizajn / Man – Environment - Design
Curators: A. Osmitzová, A. Žáčlňková, J. Abelovský
Bratislava, SNG, 14 June – 7 August 1983

Ján Čalovka
Curator: A. Schrammová
Bratislava, SNG, 21 October – 16 November 1997