The Stage Design Collection was founded upon its first acquisition in 1979. Within the framework of the collections of applied arts and design, this became one of the youngest collections along with the Architecture Collection. The stage designs by Ľudovít Fulla, which are among the most significant works of this collection, were acquired by the SNG partially from the estate donated by the artist. The gallery acquired the second part through purchases. This collection is a representative selection of Fulla’s stage design from the inter-war period. Fulla set the basics of modern stage design in Slovakia in designs for productions such as Búrka /The Storm (1932), Spievajúce Benátky / Singing Venice (1933) and Zmúdrenie Dona Quijota / Don Quixote Growing Wise(1932). A selection of the work of Ladislav Vychodil, the key figure of the post war development of stage design, is the second most representative collection. It contains his most significant implementations. Through his works such as Zlodejka z mesta Londýna / The Thief of London (1962) and Hra o láske a smrti / The Game of Love and Death (1964) Vychodil entered the records of the history of the world stage design. Martin Brezina, Ladislav Šestina and Daniel Gálik, whose work formed the stage design in the 1950s and 1960s, are also represented in the collection. The tendencies of artistically accented stage design are represented in this collection by the works of Ján Hanák, Pavol M. Gábor, Oto Šujan and Vladimír Suchánek. The opinion position oscillating in the area of action stage design is represented by the designs of Štefan Hudák, Jozef Ciller, Ján Zavarský, Mony Hafsahl and Milan Ferenčík. Costume design is represented by a selection from the works of the three most renowned Slovak costume designers: Ľudmila Purkyňová, Stanislava Vaníčková and Helena Bezáková, to which costume designer Milan Čorba also belongs. Television stage design is represented by the works of one of the founders of this specialization in Slovakia - Ladislav Hupka and puppet stage design is represented by Hana Cigánová. The designs by Peter Čanecký, Aleš Votava, Miloš Karásek and Alexandra Grusková are here for the youngest generation which started going to theatres in the 1980s and 1990s. The stage and costume designs of the legendary Alexandra Exter, who was one of the most significant members of the Russian interwar avant-garde, as well as the designs of her Kiev colleague, Anatol Petritzky, are the last unique acquisitions in the Stage Design Collection. Jozef Ciller and Peter Čanecký donated their works to this collection.

Curator of the Stage Design Collection: Viera Kleinová

The most significant acquisitions of the Stage Design Collection (selection)

Alexandra Exter: Maquettes de Théâtre, 1930, paper, colour lithography, 23 x 29 cm
UP P 3263

Ľudovít Fulla: Lady Windermeere’s Fan, 1933, paper, tempera, 30 x 44 cm
K 17 323

Ladislav Vychodil: Georges Neveux – Thief of London, 1962, paper, tempera, 32 x 42 cm
UP P 2840

Ladislav Vychodil: R. Rolland: The Game of Love and Death, 1964, paper, tempera, 25 x 22 cm
UP P 2841

Ludmila Purkyňová: A. Adamov: The Spring of 71, 1963, paper, tempera, 28 x 30 cm
UP P 2856

Vladimír Suchánek: F. M. Dostoyevsky: The Idiot, 1965, paper, tempera, 62 x 43.5 cm
UP P 2180

Helena Bezáková: Sophocles: Antigone, 1971, paper, tempera, textile, 30 x 20 cm
UP P 2086, 2087

Jozef Ciller: B. Brecht: The Life of Galileo, 1979, black-and-white photographs, 50 x 60 cm
UP P 2879

Ján Zavarský: B. Brecht: The Bread Shop, 1981, combined technique, 20 x 29 cm
UP P 2689

Štefan Hudák: G. Gorin: Thyl, 1981, black-and-white photograph, paper, Indian ink, 80 x 60 cm
UP P 2850

Milan Čorba: Ronald Harwood: The Dresser, 1984, Paper, photograph, 29.5 x 21 cm
UP P 2702

Tomáš Berka: J. Heller: Catch XXII, 1986, paper, combined technique, 60 x 60 cm
UP P 2759

Milan Ferenčík: A. Berg: Woyzzek, 1986, cardboard, combined technique, 52 x 63 cm
UP P 2724

Aleš Votava: W. Shakespeare: The Storm, 1999, paper, pencil, 23 x 31 cm
UP P 2988

The most significant exhibitions of the Stage Design Collection (selection)

Slovenská scénografia zo zbierok SNG / Slovak Stage Design from the SNG Collections
Curator: D. Poláčková
Zvolen, SNG Zvolen Castle, 12 June – 27 July 1986

Slovenská televízna scénografia / Slovak Television Stage Design
Curator: D. Poláčková
Zvolen, SNG Zvolen Castle, 11 June – 28 August 1987

Ladislav Vychodil
Curator: D. Poláčková
Bratislava, SNG, 1 March – 29 April 1990, Re-installation Zvolen Castle

Tendencie akčnej scénografie / Tendencies of Action Stage Design
Curator: D. Poláčková
Zvolen, SNG Zvolen Castle, 14 June – 15 September 1991, Reinstallations SNG Bratislava, Prague, Budapest

Štefan Hudák
Curator: D. Poláčková
Zvolen, SNG Zvolen Castle, 17 June – 7 November 1994

Slovenský divadelný kostým / Slovak Theatre Costumes
Curator: D. Poláčková
Zvolen, SNG Zvolen Castle, 14 June – 8 September 1996

Ján Zavarský
Curator: D. Poláčková
Zvolen, SNG Zvolen Castle, 21 June – 30 August 1998

Ladislav Hupka
Curator: D. Poláčková
Zvolen, SNG Zvolen Castle, 21 June – 15 September 2002

Aleš Votava
Curator: D. Poláčková
Bratislava, SNG, 30 November 2006 – 25 February 2007