The gold religious items which are predominantly from the Spiš region constitute the most significant part of the Arts and Crafts Collection which was built continuously from the 1960s. They represent the high level of the goldsmith craft of this region from the 15th to 18th centuries. Chalices from the second half of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century are the most precious exhibits. The collection of tin table ware from the 17th and 18th centuries, which incorporates tankards, jugs and candle holders is also extensive. The glass, faience and porcelain items are more individual pieces than integral collections and are mostly from the Czech and Austrian manufactures of the 18th and 19th centuries. The estate from the Strážky Chateau, which was placed under the administration of the SNG in 1972 after the death of the last owner of the chateau, countess Margita Czóbelová, significantly contributed to the enrichment of this collection. The abundantly carved door with intarsia with architectonic motifs, probably of Kežmarok origin from the 16th century, is one of the most valuable items of the original interior. Porcelain dining sets, coffee and tea sets and drinking ware were preserved only as the torso. The Meissen tea set from the 18th century with paintings by J. G. Höroldt (1696 – 1755) are among the most valuable pieces.

Curator of the Arts and Crafts Collection: Viera Kleinová

The most significant acquisitions of the Arts and Crafts Collection (selection)

Central European master: Baroque Chest, 18th century, oak, 50 x 108 x 45 cm
I 1

Dušan Jurkovič: Furniture Set, oak, 198 x 106 x 49 cm, 57 x 54 x 39 cm
I 15, I 22

Richard Ludwig: Empire Two-piece Suit, 1880, wood, textile, 105 x 90 cm, 167 x 64 cm
I 81

Central European master: Painted Wardrobe with Allegories of the Four Continents, 1767, spruce wood, 176 x 56 x 137 cm
I 82

Central European master: Sacristy Bureau, 18th century, wood, intarsia, 195 x 35 x 156 cm
I 84

Slovak author: Baroque Corner Wardrobe, 1780, wood, intarsia, 212 x 68 cm
I 129

Slovak artisan: Renaissance Chalice, 1600, copper, brass, hammered, v. 22 cm
T 43

Slovak artisan: Chalice, 15th century, gold-plated silver, h. 19 cm
T 49

The most significant expositions of the Arts and Crafts Collection (selection)

Umelecké remeslá na Slovensku. / Arts and Crafts in Slovakia.
Exhibition Commission: B. Kotas, V. Vilhan., I. Didov, M. Dobeš, M. Turcer, V. Holubár, Š. Janík, A. Janeček
Bratislava, SNG, Slovak National Council and ÚUR, Bratislava Castle, 4 July – 30 August 1961

Umenie a remeslá / Art and Crafts
Curator: A. Žáčková
Bratislava, SNG, March – April 1988

Stála expozícia umeleckých remesiel / Permanent Exposition of Arts and Crafts
Curator: A. Žáčková
Strážky, SNG Strážky Chateau, from 19 May 1991

Akvizície SNG 1989 – 2000. Staré umenie / SNG Acquisitions 1989 - 2000
Curators: D. Buran, K. Beňová, A. Hrabušický, K. Chmelinová, D. Poláčková, A. Schrammová
Bratislava, SNG, 12 July – 23 September 2001

Argentum pauperum.
Curator: A. Schrammová
Bratislava, SNG, 15 March – 5 June 2005